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Podcast Interview: In The Eleven - Episode 69

Back for his third appearance on the podcast, CEO and founder of the Talent Projekt Mark Dillon steps in the eleven. Mark recaps the most recent cohort that traveled to Germany and made real noise for young American players. The Talent projekt boys played countless European teams including Bundesliga giant academies. The group saw nearly 45% of the players attend a trial with a professional club and countless players receiving contracts with the likes of TSV 1860 Munchen and more. With all the hype and excitement around young American players it can sometimes lead to agents promising players the world, and they can't deliver. Marks job is to help players explore and experience new opportunities while also shielding them from the pitfalls that a player can succumb too.

Listen to full episode here

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The talentprojekt podcast interview in the eleven episode 69

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