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Our Fundamentals

The mission through  our 10 month professional soccer development and study abroad program is to bridge access to Germany’s professional and youth soccer system for North America’s elite youth player. Through reliable academic partners, we offer a stimulating environment that holistically promotes learning and character development making each student-athlete

a confident, respectable global citizen.


Our core philosophy, values, and principles are based on developing the

person first, and athlete second.


Talent Discovery

Professional Development

Care and well-being of the young players

+ Good Citizenship

Opportunities to Advance


the talentprojekt About Who We Are Mark Dillon Founder and CEO

Mark Dillon

Founder + CEO

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the talentprojekt About Who We Are Clyde Diaz Coach

Clyde diaz


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Devala Gorrick

Executive Director, Business Development

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the talentprojekt About Who We Are Jamie Dillon Leason Exec V.P. of U.S. Operations

Jamie Dillon Leason

Exec. VP of US Operations

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the talentprojekt About Who We Are Regina DeGeorge PT DPT CSCS Athletic Trainer

Regina Degeorge, pt, dpt, cscs

Team Physical Therapist

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the talentprojekt About Who We Are Eduardo Gonçalves Head Coach

Eduardo Gonçalves

Head Coach

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the talentprojekt About Who We Are Kiki Bogart Athletic Trainer

KEARA (Kiki) Bogart, M.Ed., LAT, ATC

Athletic Trainer

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Talent Scouts

The Talentprojekt works with specially vetted talent evaluators who serve as an initial contact in the process of being considered for inclusion in our program.

Interested players and their families should locate their geographic region below and send an email to the assigned talent evaluator. In your email please include all pertinent personal information, as well as a soccer resume and highlight video if available.

the talentprojekt About Cristian Crisan Talent Scout Photo

Great Lakes + parts of Midwest

Christian Crisan


the talentprojekt About Kevin Stringer Scout Photo


Kevin Stringer


the talentprojekt About Dario Brose Talent Scout Photo


Dario Brose


the talentprojekt About Ian Andrew Mork

Hawaii + 
West Coast

Ian Andrew Mork



  • How do players qualify for the Talentprojekt?
    Our credibility in the German and European professional soccer environment demands that we maintain very high standards from our players. For this reason we set a high bar in our selection process with evaluation metrics that includes talent, motivation, character, intelligence, ambition, upside potential, and, if we feel this is a player with the kind of personality to be able to live in a challenging group environment away from home.
  • Will my son risk losing NCAA eligibility by participating in the Talentprojekt or by being invited to train and trial with a professional club?
    No. All of our soccer activities are within the regulatory compliance for NCAA eligibility. We find that players are more prepared for the college transition and life after completing their residency with Talentprojekt.
  • What is your program’s policy of trial opportunities; and is my son or all players guaranteed trial opportunities?
    Our mission is to nurture player growth in our professional development program seeking the best possible opportunities so players develop to their full potential. And while many of our players have been scouted and invited into trials with professional teams, the Talentprojekt does not promise or guarantee to any player that being in the program will result in a professional trial. This is always entirely based on the player performance being at or above the level of the team(s) he is aspiring towards.
  • Will my son be able to graduate from his high school in the U.S. on time if he takes a year abroad with the Talentprojekt?
    The Talentprojekt takes academics very seriously and ensures that all boys are able to continue with accredited classes so they stay on track towards graduation, and qualification for university of their choice.
  • What language are his classes conducted in?
    The school options offer opportunities to do their classes in English or German.
  • What kind of supervision can we expect for the boys?
    German regulations demand that in a residential situation we have one certified pedagogue in a supervisory capacity for every 10 minors on a 24/7 basis. These regulations are strictly adhered to by the Talentprojekt.
  • How often do the boys train?
    Normally, the boys will train two times per day with one session focused on individual performance, and one focused on team or group performance. In general, the boys are following the player development plan as prescribed by the German Football Federation.
  • What is the game schedule like?
    Because of FIFA restrictions on international transfers our players are not allowed to formally register for League matches while in Europe. However, we play a full schedule matches against top clubs throughout the region including FC Bayern Munich, Red Bull Salzburg, 1860 Munich, FC Augsburg, Jahn Regensburg, FC Nurnburg and many others. In the 2022-2023 season there will be a greater emphasis on tournament play, and intra-European travel for games.
  • Who are the coaches?
    All coaches on the Talentprojekt staff have completed licensing in the rigorous German and/or UEFA coaching education systems and are schooled in protocols for developing young professionals.
  • What is the team coaching staff structure?
    Each Talentprojekt team has a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach. In addition, we have specialist coaches in strength, speed and coordination training, goalkeeper training, cognitive training, and a Physiotherapist/Athletic Trainer.
  • What is the procedure for players to obtain the necessary visa to participate in the Talentprojekt?
    A student visa is obtained once you are in the country. First you register with the local government where you are living and receive a document. The next step is to go to the regional immigration office with the documents provided by the school and the local government registry. Talentprojekt personnel will be there with each student to accompany him through the entire process.
  • Is there an advantage to having, or being qualified to have an European passport?
    Having a European passport is advantageous to players. It means a player can be eligible to sign with a professional club at the age of 16. Otherwise, the minimum age for signing for a player from outside the EU is 18. This is FIFA law.
  • Are parents allowed to visit?
    Yes! Parents are welcome and encouraged to come visit.
  • What happens when a player is injured or sick?
    The German medical system is one of the best in the world. Depending on the condition, there are several local physicians we work with, in addition to our Team Physician. For normal injuries and rehabilitation there is on-site staff available to the players every day.
  • What kind of medical insurance do we need?
    You need to see that your current policy will extend to covering treatment services while overseas. In addition, each player will have to get a supplemental German health policy (they are inexpensive) for backup. Normally, for treatment there you will pay out of pocket and then submit the invoice to your insurer for reimbursement. Medical services in Germany are significantly cheaper than in the U.S.
  • What is the annual tuition and what does it cover?
    The fee includes full room and board (double room occupancy), daily training and matches under Bundesliga player development protocols. Private school at the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Bildungschule for academics and/or German language. Full clothing and uniform package, transportation to and from matches, visa services. Annual tuition fees are $36,500. Not included are flights to and from the U.S and Germany; German supplementary health insurance. Extra fees may include online school if you choose that option, costs for optional special events and pocket money for your son.
  • If I have questions or concerns about my son while he is away, who can I contact?
    The management staff are very responsive to calls and emails so if you need information you can reach out directly to the Executive Director and expect a reply within 24 hours, or faster if there is an urgent need for contact. In addition, there are numerous communication platforms for you to contact your son directly at any time, including Skype, Facetime, What’s App. You also have the option to bring an unlocked phone and get a German SIM card so that your son has his own local phone number and you won't incur international roaming charges.


Mark Dillon and I have collaborated since 2008 organizing numerous competitive soccer ID camps and coaching clinics in the US and Germany. He brought to my academy many young talented American soccer players where they got their first taste of European soccer. The players Mark recommended to us have all been very skillful and talented, but most importantly great and humble personalities. As a business partner Mark is reliable while being a real friend. We are very proud to support the Talentprojekt - a great and unique chance for US soccer players to experience German “fussball.”

Klaus Pabst, Owner and Director of 1. Jugend-Fussball-Schule Koeln

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