Axel Levry Bio

Mark is undoubtedly the man behind many successful individuals and programs. He has often blazed many trails to discover a new way of developing and finding opportunities for players. The things I've learned with Mark have served me well beyond the football field, and about developing great players that will also be great human beings. He was a coach, mentor, father figure, and most importantly, a friend. Mark taught me how to tap into the student mentality within. Through that, I found a new level of resilience, the discipline required to overcome challenges to become a pro.~Axel Levry, former Pro Player

Julian Markvoort Beke

Thank you Mark for helping me achieve my dream and being the only coach that was willing to train me at 6:00 in the morning before school, and also for being the coach that helped me start my career in Europe. ~Julian Markvoort Beke, Pro Player at Ado Den Haag, Netherlands

Klaus Pabst

Mark Dillon and I have collaborated since 2008 organizing numerous competitive soccer ID camps and coaching clinics in the US and Germany. He brought to my academy many young talented American soccer players where they got their first taste of European soccer. The players Mark recommended to us have all been very skillful and talented, but most importantly great and humble personalities. As a business partner Mark is reliable while being a real friend. We are very proud to support the Talentprojekt - a great and unique chance for US soccer players to experience German “fussball.” ~Klaus Pabst, Owner and Director of 1. Jugend-Fussball-Schule Koeln

Charles Renken

I have known Mr. Mark since I was 12 years old. He was a positive influence as a coach, always pushing me to do my best on and off the field. He is a coach with a long-term vision, he has a good understanding and skill set of combining U.S and German soccer. His positive attitude on and off the field has continued to be an influence on me. ~Charles Renken, former Bundesliga & MLS Pro Player 

Devala Gorrick Testimonial

Mark Dillon is an expert in getting players from the US to play abroad and push to excel in the next levels. I directly attribute my 12 year PRO career to his guidance, his mentoring, and his experience with young players who want to transition to Europe. Talentprojekt makes me want to be 14 again so I can join. There is really no other program like this. ~Devala Gorrick, former US Pro Soccer Player; Director of Goalkeeping/Real Colorado; Owner, Cognitive Athletics

Luca Fava Testimonial

I would like to thank the Talentprojekt very much for helping me this past year in taking the next step in my career!! Without them much of what I was able to accomplish and the exposure that was provided wouldn’t be possible. Talentprojekt was an amazing opportunity to carry me on my way to reaching my dreams, and can be for many, but it takes lots of sacrifice and hard work! It is truly a blessing to be able to continue my career here in Germany, and I will do my best to represent well. ~ Luca Fava, 2019 Talentprojekt Player, Pro Player with VFL Bochum 1848

Cam Robie Testimonial

Taking part in the Talentprojekt 19/20 season was an amazing experience. Not only did it improve my football ability, it was a great challenge of personal development and academics. Our team was constantly exposed to European football, professional atmospheres, and professional coaches. The coaching and training was also of a high quality. Another benefit of the Talentprojekt was being embedded into the German culture. To learn a new language and a new way of life was incredible and helped me learn about myself as well. I was devastated the program abruptly ended due to COVID-19, but I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in making it an experience of a lifetime. ~ Cameron Robie, 2019 Talentprojekt Player

Noelle Erber Testimonial

Wyatt had the most incredible experience living, studying, training and playing in Germany.  We were told that he would be playing against some high level teams, but the competition he faced every week certainly exceeded our expectations.  The Talentprojekt most certainly under-promised and over-delivered.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the program to any high-level player looking to challenge themselves more as both a player and as a person. ~ Noelle Erber, mother, Wyatt Erber 2019 Talentprojekt Player