The Talentprojekt is founded in the philosophy that development should be focused on the person first and athlete second. We hold academic success for each of our players to a high standard believing firmly that wherever their path should lead them their future is best served with having well developed critical thinking skills, time management abilities, and a global view of the world. With our programming committed to a daily robust soccer practice and game schedule, players have a few options to consider to continue their studies:



This brick and mortar school based in Orlando, Florida, uses Edgenuity Virtual Academy to bring a nationally accredited K-12 school to the Talentprojekt. Players attending Edgenuity Virtual Academy have the benefit of accessing a virtual campus from the convenience of their dorm in Germany, and benefiting from working at their own pace, time, and schedule.  To support a student’s academic potential for a collegiate path, SAI Academy provides guidance to students by way of progress reports, biweekly check-in zoom calls, and general oversight of their pacing, study habits and grades. Parents, too, are informed with emailed weekly academic updates about their son’s progress.

The and model and curriculum in ELA, math, social studies, and world languages is approved by the The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) allowing for student athletes to maintain U.S. college admission eligibility while living and studying abroad.  SAI Academy joins a growing number of academic and sport institutions who serve high level athletes who require flexibility of schedule without compromising quality and rigour. 


Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Bildungscampus (DBBC) is a private school serving students from grades 7 through high school. As a boarding school that partly serves international students who are pursuing a high level sports training path, it also serves day students from neighboring towns who prefer a private education.

For a player with a level of proficiency in German, this may serve as an option as all classes are conducted in German.  The school campus is located within a 200 meter walk from Talentprojekt’s dorms and it is where our players take their mandatory German language courses five days a week.  


Participate in an independent based program

We have players who are enrolled currently in a high school where they live, and have the option to continue taking classes through them. This option is granted with the condition that the school is flexible to accomodate a player’s training and game schedule, as well as an in-person German language class. Asynchronous models work best where a player is assigned work and a deadline provided. 

In this situation, a player and their families are responsible for maintaining NCAA eligibility if that is a priority, and maintaining an academic standard in line with the requirement of remaining a Talentprojekt team member.