Posted by The Talentprojekt on Nov 06 2019 at 11:35AM PST

A connection on and off the field is what propels the TalentProjekt to play their best. Moving overseas is never easy but when you have 20 brothers supporting you, one can never lose.

In just a few months, 20 strangers came together, transforming into an unstoppable force. The growth, perseverance and courage that The TalentProjekt players have shown, is a testament to their character on and off the field. Our coaches, staff and players have worked tremendously hard to ensure the upmost success for the boys in all aspects of life. Along with the highest levels of competition, the players also attend a first class school and have been paired with encouraging host families. A supportive atmosphere on and off the field is imperative in the success of our program and the boys.

Watch The TalentProjekt’s upcoming November 7th at 19:00 against JFS Köln games to see just how much the players have learned.


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